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Sensoria by Johny Dar @ London Fashion Week

Sensoria by Johny Dar @ Fashion Week London

Johny Dar’s London Fashion Week event at Aures-London showcased a dazzling new collection, a ‘Dardelica’ DJ set (performed by producer Dan Vinci) Johny Dar art-couture (bespoke designs painted onto the body), and live 3D motion graphics featuring JD designs. Held in the renowned ‘Banksy’ Tunnel, Leake Street, where graffiti was recently legitimi...
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Gigi Hadid and Orlando Bloom join Jeans For Refugees

Jeans for Refugees brings together refugees and celebrities in a dynamic creative enterprise to support displaced people around the world.  More than 100 celebrities - including Ryan Gosling, Elton John, Salma Hayek, Sharon Stone, Cameron Diaz, Naomi Campbell, Victoria Beckham and Emma Watson - have donated their denims to be hand-painted by...
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