UNTITLED by Johny Dar

  • UNTITLED by Johny Dar

UNTITLED by Johny Dar

The long awaited music from DAR has landed. 

Johny Dar’s highly anticipated debut single ‘Game on’, due to be released in July 2017, introduces an untouchable fusion of mesmerising vocals and tantric beats to sweep you off your feet and take you beyond the stars…

Featuring his own original form of vocal expression which boldly introduces a language like nothing else on earth - Johny Dar’s debut album ‘Untitled’ is an entirely new world of expression and experience that will move you in ways you have never moved before.  Addictive and compelling, the album delivers edgy yet euphoric tracks with heart and soul - combining fusions of modern production with shamanic sounds, surprising twists and timeless lyrics that are both anthemic and intimate.  Each track is a daring journey into new musical territory and new worlds of audio experience.  It takes you high, it takes you deep - it takes you to the place you want to be. 

Johny Dar’s musical debut is the impeccably executed artistic alchemy of a new collaboration with Brixton born producer Dan Vinci, who has previously worked with the likes of Nitin Sawhney, Example, Skream, Jessie Ware, Basement Jaxx and many more.  What Dan Vinci does with Dar’s extraordinary vocals is undeniably the introduction of a new genre of music, and a new source of inspiration for the music industry and audiences around the world.

Surrender to an entirely original sound that seamlessly weaves the tribal and the transcendental through thundering bass lines, inventive instrumentals, and the incomparable alien sounds that only Johny Dar can deliver.   

Sing along, join the journey and hold on tight.  

This is where the future starts.  

Dardelica has arrived.