It’s a new day - with a new time!

Today you have the possibility to upgrade from 24 to 32 hours in your day.  Bringing you the real luxury of more time.  Sound good?


Here at Johny Dar, we realise that the real luxury is time.

That’s the real appeal of the faster motorcycle, faster car, faster internet.  Let’s face it, most of us feel like we could use more time - whether to relax, work, sleep, or just do more of what we love to do.  An extra 8 hours a day is a luxury that, until now, no one could afford. 


Now… we are proud to present… the new Johny Dar watch.  Introducing the true luxury of more time.  Each ‘hour’ of ‘dar-time’ is 45 minutes of regular time, allowing wearers to experience an extended amount of hours in their day.


That’s why everyone who works at Johny Dar works for 8hours a day of DAR time - which allows us to have 8 hours sleep, 8 hours work, 8 hours play and 8 hours to do whatever we love to do - keeping the inspiration flowing and allowing us to enjoy life!


Let us explain further - the 32 hours of a DAR time day are split into 8 x 4 hours.  DAR time philosophy sees every 8 hours of life as a building block - so time is no longer linear and something that passes us by, but rather something we can create with - building our life-houses every 8 hours one brick further… expanding instead of ageing…


And did you know that working less actually increases productivity as well as quality of life?  Energy and matter are interchangable.  If we are able to shift our ability to produce what we can produce in 60 minutes to the same outcome in 45 minutes, then that will find itself in matter and become a new reality and way of life.  So really, time is up to you and me, and whatever we decide we want it to be!  It’s a time-blowing concept…


The psychology is simple.  Live life from a perspective that allows you 32 instead of 24 hours in a day.  It’s life changing.


Live life in luxury.  With more time.


Try it.  You’ll never look back.