Copy of Sensoria by Johny Dar SS20 @ London Fashion Week

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Johny Dar’s London Fashion Week event at Aures-London showcased a dazzling new collection, a ‘Dardelica’ DJ set (performed by producer Dan Vinci) Johny Dar art-couture (bespoke designs painted onto the body), and live 3D motion graphics featuring JD designs. Held in the renowned ‘Banksy’ Tunnel, Leake Street, where graffiti was recently legitimised, the event took place where both notorious and unheard of artists collectively won the day in the name of art.


Incorporating both catwalk and presentation styles, Johny Dar’s models emerged like captivating amazonian goddesses from another galaxy, with gathered hair rising above winged eyes like unicorn horns. Casually smoking aromatherapy vaporisers as they posed, their looks were a dynamic combination of military jackets with silk skirts, and couture dresses embroidered, painted and embellished by hand. Jaegermeister cocktails abounded, creatively named to add to the sensuality of the experience. The ceiling was awash with Johny Dar’s illustrations and designs, creating a sense of another world and electrifying the room with splashes of colour and the infamous ‘DAR the BOOK’ art series.


A celebration of creativity and innovation, the event explored themes of art as life and life as art - choices that sculpt reality and experiences that awaken new possibilities. With a dynamic and diverse presentation curated to inspire guests to become conscious designers of their own lives and lifestyles, the event encouraged audiences to re-imagine the potential of their own creativity and power to choose. An adjoining room offered a chai tea bar and steaming aromatherapy installation, as well as comfortable wood and bamboo seating, and virgin cocktails. As the scintillating and nurturing combined within an electric atmosphere, unexpected elements collided with Johny Dar’s boundless creativity, and a magical and unprecedented experience emerged - heralding a new and exciting era to come. Thank you London! Stay tuned….