Avatar Activation with Dar the Book, IQ-ME and Liquid Gold

Avatar Activation with Dar the Book, IQ-ME and Liquid Gold

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What will it give me?

  • A potent practice to unleash your power, purpose and potential.
  • Dive into new realms of intimacy with yourself and your sensuality
  • Clear space in your body and mind to receive MORE from life
  • Unlock your ability to self-source love, healing and empowerment
  • Learn to let your heart lead and let pleasure be your guide.

How does it work?

By purchasing the package you will receive lifetime access to the following tools:

  • 2 x IQ-ME colouring books (available for you to print for yourself at any time)
  • 8 DAR the BOOK goddesses (available to print at art print resolution and quality)
  • 1 hour of Liquid Gold sound journey (as an audio file that you download to your device)

What do I do?

  • The recommendation is to do the practice for 3 days consecutively, for the first time. Once you have done 3 days, you can pick up the practice at any time -  for a week, a day, or whatever feels right for you.

  • Set aside an hour and a half when you will not be disturbed.
  • Select a goddess and pair her with an IQ-ME character. Print both.
  • Make yourself comfortable and cosy with something to play music on, and some colouring pens handy.
  • Gaze at your chosen goddess for 15 minutes. Observe what thoughts and feelings come up for you.
  • At the end of the 15 minutes, jot down a few lines in your journal /  record a voice note about anything the goddess invoked within you. Don’t write or record an essay, just some reminders for you to come back to.
  • Now colour your IQ-ME character, taking your time and observing what sensations, emotions and thoughts arise in your body and mind as you colour. It doesn’t matter how it looks, just observe what colours you are drawn to use and what happens as you colour with them.
  • Jot down a few lines in your journal /  record a voice noting your colouring experience.
  • Listen to Liquid Gold, giving yourself permission to totally surrender to the sound and the journey.
  • At the end of the sound journey, take a few moments to breathe deeply into your belly in silence and stillness.
  • Return to your journal / voice note and express whatever is present for you, and whatever occurred in your journey that you remember. Be completely honest and transparent: this is for you only. 
  • When you feel ready, listen back on your voice notes / read over your journal, and allow any conclusions, resolutions, intentions or question