DAR the MUSIC is Johny Dar’s record label, with an in house management team that handles music production, collaborations, PR campaigns and talent management, as well as booking live shows, festivals and tours.



Dardelica is a concept album and an original stye of dance music featuring a new sonic language in the form of Johny Dar’s original vocal instrumentation, fused with uplifting electronic beats.  All Dardelica tracks are created by Johny Dar and producer Dan Vinci, who has previously worked with Big Narstie, Example, Skream, Jessie Ware, Basement Jaxx, and Bob Marley’s musicians. Dardelica music videos are captivating, confrontational and inspiring, directed by Johny Dar and created to the highest standard of modern production.


Dardelica Live

Dardelica Live is the live experience of Dardelica music. The Dardelica Live show also includes a VJ set featuring a range of Johny’s artwork - curated, animated and synched for an immersive and unforgettable live experience.


Dardelica events


Dardelica events are groundbreaking interactive experiences and creative platforms that feature Dardelica Live alongside Johny Dar art, fashion and other artistic experiences.