100 by Johny Dar - 100 Mandalas

100 by Johny Dar - 100 Mandalas

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This book contains 100 mandalas created from Johny Dar’s hand-drawn artwork.

Welcome to a world of play, discovery, relaxation AND enhancing natural intelligence! 

So how is it really possible to achieve those things, through the simple process of colouring mandalas?

Studies with a wide range of age groups have shown that the process of colouring the mandalas, and the organic shapes interlaced together within them, helps calm the mind and brings renewed inspiration, ideas, energy, and a zen-like serenity to the individual.

This can be explained in the following way: our brains have two hemispheres, the left and the right. Most of the time, our ideas originate in one hemisphere of the brain, which then imposes the idea upon the other hemisphere. The greater the separation between the right and left (masculine and feminine) hemispheres of the brain, the more difficult it becomes for us to access the full potential of our intelligence. This is because that potential is realised and exercised through the communication that occurs between the left and the right sides of the brain. 

Johny Dar mandalas are specifically designed to engage and balance both sides of the brain, through the unique style of artwork that Johny applies to create them. The proof is in the colouring, and the way you feel before, after and during… so don’t just take our word for it - dive in and experience it for yourself!

May these mandalas bring you peace, relaxation, inspiration and the joy of creating original art of your own. Happy colouring!