The Wild features iconic photography showcasing body painted women with wild animals in extraordinary natural landscapes.  The series will be photographed in unique natural locations around the world, and will feature a range of models, landscapes and animals.  

The Wild by Johny Dar is an art and photography series at the vanguard of creative and artistic innovation today.  An original Johny Dar concept - each image is created from a masterful alchemy of natural elements, animals, Dar's body art, and David Yarrow's photography.  The body art expressions are specifically designed to bring the subject closer to the animal being worked with, creating a second skin to mirror theirs, and producing images that highlight a sense of togetherness and natural equality.    

The first image from The Wild was photographed in Big Timber, Montana, and features Eugenia Kuzmina - a Russian actress and model, animal lover and conservationist, who poses peacefully among snowcapped mountains next to a wolf poised on the rock she is leaning on.  Their shared expression is what makes this image particularly outstanding, highlighting the familiarity, understanding and compassion that can be found between human and animal.

As an artist, working in fine art, fashion and multimedia, Johny Dar’s technique of creating art from an intricate build up of organic geometric shapes interlaced together, sets him apart.  His application of this technique to living, breathing bodies as canvases first captivated the world with his limited edition calendar ‘Tuuli by Dar’, which was photographed by Rankin.  David Yarrow - who has received global acclaim for his wildlife photography - delivers a fresh and unique perspective on Dar’s body art merged with an expert ability to capture animals in the wilderness through his lens.  The Wild breaks the mould not only through the artwork painted on the women’s bodies, but in the masterful alchemy of female, animal and natural co-existing in peace, strength and beauty.   

Continually inspired by his own groundbreaking art series, DAR the BOOK (the initial impetus for his body art work) Johny Dar continues to reinvent new forms of expression within every medium and partnership he engages, while simultaneously maintaining his distinct, signature style and prominent themes of his work - the feminine and nature.  In DAR the BOOK 4 / Darya, due to be released later this year, Dar presents these themes in greater depth then ever before, through a mystical story in art and words, which champions the unbounded beauty of nature and undeniable power of the imagination.  

The Wild, with its bold integration of live animals in the picture, is yet another example of how Johny Dar continues to push the boundaries and expand the possibilities of art and life, one creation at a time.