Free to be free: a lockdown production from Johny Dar & friends



This is our lockdown gift - a production from the heart, which we hope will inspire your senses and elevate your soul….

Transformation is upon us.  It's up to us to move with the times, and realise that we are co-creating the next chapters together. Never give up on your creativity or dreams. This project was conceived and created during lockdown, against all the odds, with the intention to keep the creative spirit alive, and share joy, love and inspiration in unprecedented, changing times.


mysterious scene of a dancing woman in a triangle screen

With the appearance of Covid19, Johny was struck by the relevance of his first single ‘Be Free’, in the lockdown climate, and invited Paolo Tossio to remix the track. Teaming up with video artist Mustafa Özkök, the team were determined to overcome the limits of lockdown. No one had a budget but everyone had time - and love for life and art. Together, they managed to co-produce a new ‘Be Free’ music video, combining original lockdown footage with motion graphics featuring Johny’s art. The team rallied to share the video with the world at large, as an artistic offering that encourages listeners to ‘remember… rise above the fear’, and return to our innate connection with nature and each other. 


surreal scene of buildings and water

Journeying from an outer world of chaos to an inner world of peace - the story celebrates the power of music and dancing, and our unbreakable connection with all life.

We hope it inspires you to stay wild and free at heart


image of a happy face

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