***DOWNLOAD 'Game On' in our store until August 15th FREE of charge! ***

***DOWNLOAD 'Game On' in our store until August 15th FREE of charge! ***

Johny Dar’s debut single ‘Game On’ is dynamic, dardelic, musical motivation with a dash of alien-rap. This could be your new addiction... 

The first single from Johny Dar’s debut album ‘Dardelica’ has landed!  Featuring Dar’s unique form of sonic expression, ‘Game On’ is an edgy yet euphoric track that combines fusions of modern production with organic beats, galactic twists and anthemic lyrics.  ‘It’s designed to move you in ways you’ve never moved before, and stimulate parts of your ears you didn’t know existed,’ explains Johny.

A fresh, unique source of inspiration for musicians, listeners and dancers all over planet earth, ‘Game On’ is motivating ear-candy that makes you feel alive, and gets you kicking.  Whether warming up with your morning playlist or tearing up the dance floor all night long, ‘Game On’ is a musical remedy to be applied whenever enthusiasm and inspiration is required.  

Masterfully produced by Dan Vinci, who previously worked with the likes of Nitin Sawhney, Example, Skream, Jessie Ware, Basement Jaxx and many more, Johny’s extraordinary alien rap is the ear-catching, sticking factor featured in many forms throughout the ‘Dardelica’ album.  What Dan Vinci does with Johny’s vocals results in an entirely original sound that seamlessly weaves the tribal and transcendental through thundering bass lines, inventive instrumentals, and the alien rap that only Johny Dar can deliver.  ‘Johny is a true leader in his niche, and has to be heard to be believed.’ says Dan.  Every time we're in the studio, magic happens. There is never any pre-conceived structure, we work purely on vibes and taking the listener on a journey. The Johny Dar sound is totally addictive. Not quite sure what it is, but I keep going back for more.’

Think extra-terrestrial languages, undiscovered planets, galactic nations, infinity and beyond.  This is just the beginning.

Sing along, dance along, join the journey and hold on tight. 

Dardelica has arrived.



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