‘BE FREE’ music video preview- watch now!

Turn on, tune in and take a flight with uplifting beats, soulful lyrics and a dash of ‘alien-rap’ - Johny Dar’s original vocal expression that delivers a sonic experience like no other…

Johny Dar is an artist and designer (and alien) re-designing the realms of fashion, art, music and more.  ‘Be Free’ is his new single - a progressive ‘space-house’ track and love song to humanity that presents a fresh perspective on the present state of the human race.  Not to mention it features a completely new musical language in the form of ‘alien-rap’ - which Dan Vinci has masterfully merged with modern electronic production to create a unique audio experience that is addictively easy on the ears.

‘Be Free’ seems to allude to a lost romance, but this initial impression veils a deeper message that calls upon its audience to ‘remember’ a time of harmony with nature and each other - a time before ‘lies came between us’ and separated humanity from our innate freedom and unity.  Johny Dar clearly has a message for the people of planet earth - ‘What happened to us…We used to be free.’

While the lyrics deliver an impression of yearning that is not disempowered, ‘Be Free’’s ambient beats sweetly sweep listeners into a satisfying sense of liberation - a transient experience of the natural state of being that Dar claims to ‘remember’.  Dan Vinci’s slick production of Dar’s mind-boggling ‘alien-rap’ mingles the cosmic with the futuristic and fuels a progressive sense of euphoria as ‘Be Free’ elevates its audience to ‘rise above the fear’ to a grander experience of ‘together’.

This fresh, innovative new single from Johny Dar is a heartfelt reminder of the power of music to reawaken the freedom and unity that can be found within and among us.  And it’s a catchy tune too.

It’s time to move like you never moved before.   Dardelica has landed and the future is here.



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