How IQ-ME helps you access your Super-Self… (for real)…


IQ-ME was inspired by Johny’s observation that the volume of information we consume day to day has a significant impact on our consciousness and creativity. So he created IQ-ME as a remedy - a simple way to support mental and physical health in the current cultural climate.


IQ-ME works with the eyes and pineal gland to support our inbuilt system for processing sensory perceptions. In most humans this system is usually in overdrive, largely due to technology and the internet. Today, excessive consumption of media and social media is the norm - we constantly take on information from all over the world, and keep up with global news on a moment to moment basis. The problem is we are not always able to process or digest the information that we perceive, which results in it getting stacked up in the frontal lobe of the brain and the subconscious. The frontal lobe is like the steering wheel of our car - it is the faculty we use to navigate our way through life. Being overloaded with undigested information is like driving through life with a dirty windshield, which makes it difficult to maintain a balanced, clear perspective, that empowers us to be of benefit to ourselves and others

IQ-ME is a way of detoxing the mind, senses and subconscious. It assists the brain to clear unwanted debris, clarifying our consciousness, and leaving us lighter, clearer, and more capable of accessing original ideas, natural intelligence and creativity.


It is generally understood that humans are operating at less than 10 per cent of our potential, most at less than that. We all have more to give, be and experience. And at this point in history, that more is simply needed, if we want to secure a future for the generations to come. So, how can we access the other 90% of our potential? 


We’ve put together an hour long podcast about exactly that. It’s packed full of Johny’s insights, not only about IQ-ME as a tool for personal empowerment, but also about accessing creativity, breaking out of destructive cycles, overcoming limitations, and fulfilling our real potential and purpose in life.


The real renaissance starts within. There is no better time to be the change.


PART 1 -  https://soundcloud.com/johnydar/iq-me-and-information-consumption-self-optimisation-and-accessing-natural-potential-part-1

PART 2 - https://soundcloud.com/johnydar/iq-me-and-information-consumption-self-optimisation-and-accessing-natural-potential-part-2

PART 3 - https://soundcloud.com/johnydar/iq-me-and-information-consumption-self-optimisation-and-accessing-natural-potential-part-3

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